Sunday, 29 May 2011


The grade I get as the result of my drama performance is not as fulfilling as what I have expected. The drama performance did not work out as well as our daily practices and rehearsals, which might be caused by our heightened tension and anxiety during the final performance, and our group's disorganization for not being very well-prepared. Since we lack of group members, we tend to be disorganized in arranging the characters, and memorizing the play lines. We especially have difficulties in memorizing the lines, particularly for the main characters to memorize (Romeo and Juliet), since the script lines is unceasingly too long for us to memorize. In order to make it easier to memorize, we should have cut more unnecessary parts of the script lines, that mainly contained in the love scenes, where the conversation between Romeo and Juliet were mostly unnecessary and unceasingly long, which makes it harder for the main characters to learn their lines.

We did not quite utilize the given times in class affectively, since we mostly do the rehearsals, rather than using the given times to learn our lines. Such a disorganization have resulted in a not very satisfying overall drama performance, especially since our group lack of teamwork, which is one of the most important part that affect our performance. As for my own individual performance, cannot be said as satisfying enough, because I lack of practice on my own learning, besides the group work. In order to improve our drama performance, we should have to be more organized and well-planned, and have more practices in our own individual learning. 

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