Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Timing the play

After completing our task, and cutting the unnecessary parts of the script, we started to do a rehearsal. We did a timing our script/dialogue for each act, to make sure that the play does not consume much for more than 15 minutes. According the plan, each act of the dialogue should only spend 3 minutes as the maximum, since there are only 5 acts. The part I am doing for the script, which is act 4, is being timed as 2 and a half minute, which meets the requirement. Apparently, the whole dialogue does not meet the 15 minutes timing expectation. Instead the whole dialogue was being recorded the timing as 20 minutes. Since the first play rehearsal did not meet timing's expectation, our group fix the dialogue again, and cut all the unnecessary parts from the dialogue lines.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

27 April

I cut most of the unnecessary scenes in the Act 4, and just using scene 1 and scene 3, since these scenes are included as the most important parts in act 4. Act 4 was started by the part when Juliet had a fight with Paris at a church, for Juliet confessed to Friar Lawrence that she loved Romeo. After Paris leaved the church, Juliet started to threaten the friar, to kill herself with the dagger. Then the friar stopped her from doing a suicide, instead, he gives an advice to drink a potion that make her "dead" in 24 hours, so that Juliet can avoid marrying with Paris on Thursday, and run away with Romeo. While in the scene 3, I just mentioned the part when Juliet drank the potion, and pretending to be "dead".


Our group is doing the Romeo & Juliet drama in the modern SWA school version. The setting is set at SWA, while the characters are specifically made in the school version. Each of us is doing our script for every act, while for me, I am doing the act 4 script. We focus our drama script more into the love scenes, since the Romeo & juliet story emphasizes more to the love parts. In act 4, I emphasize the necessary parts when Juliet drinks the poison, and the wedding ceremony. I am going to play a role as the narrator and nurse, for the drama play. The purpose of creating this drama in a modern version, is to create a sense a humor for the audience, and that it would be more understandable since the drama is being played in such a modern version, so that the concept of the story line would be easier to understand by the audience.