Tuesday, 26 April 2011

27 April

I cut most of the unnecessary scenes in the Act 4, and just using scene 1 and scene 3, since these scenes are included as the most important parts in act 4. Act 4 was started by the part when Juliet had a fight with Paris at a church, for Juliet confessed to Friar Lawrence that she loved Romeo. After Paris leaved the church, Juliet started to threaten the friar, to kill herself with the dagger. Then the friar stopped her from doing a suicide, instead, he gives an advice to drink a potion that make her "dead" in 24 hours, so that Juliet can avoid marrying with Paris on Thursday, and run away with Romeo. While in the scene 3, I just mentioned the part when Juliet drank the potion, and pretending to be "dead".

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